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death of retails


Collaboration : JAMIE NAIVER

As we continue to be influenced by the convenience of online retailers such as Amazon and Hello Fresh,  our inclination to go to physical store is diminishing. In the first series of images, we illustrate how an industry that once occupied massive structures, known as malls, has moved into the digital world.

By 2038, these retailers no longer carry a physical presence, leaving the mall abandoned. The large space is now occupied by an unregulated group of teenagers that attend nearby schools. What was once a space of commerce has now become a home for vandalism, unrestricted social gathering, and mischief. Kids have created their own twisted form of a playground in the rundown building.

Flash forward 20 years, the mall turned home-of degenerates has transformed itself again. Regulation has been regained and order has been restored. The large space has now lent itself to a place of exhibition, advertisement and experience. Brands re-purpose the stores and corridors to serve as an experiential space - a new way to maintain a physical presence. While one no longer goes to the mall for physical items anymore, one can gain excitement of exploring augmented reality, art, and new forms of media. The experiential tool serves as advertisement for the brand by creating a life style

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