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box of choices



SUPERVISOR : Supakrit Kitcharoenroj

Box of Choice is a panel of bed’s headboard that collects all the necessity furniture for a hotel room with on-and-off function. The headboard is only 20 centimeters wide and it is intentionally designed to take up space the least. It was divided into 2 parts; one of the two contains closets and luggage carrier functions and the other contains workspace and features for bed’s headboard.


The core idea of the design is to recreate the space within the hotel room that matches today people lifestyle. It becomes more and more common that people find the furniture provided in hotel room as an usual standard are sometimes unnecessary and space-consuming. For instance, the closet is usually too big for a temporary stay and people tend not to use the closet so that they don’t forget their belongings. Furthermore, people would rather lay their clothes on either working table or daybed sofa than put it into enclosed closet. Thus, the main purpose of the design is to provide options for customer to choose to activate any furniture function and the unused ones don’t bother the space within the room.


The translation of people’s today lifestyle is smartphone, which it gives people options to customize individual needs and its ability to connect to the world. Thus, it’s related to the key idea of collecting all the furniture functions within one panel so that it gives 3 walls of the room clear and the walls will work as panorama screen for projector on the headboard.


Box of choice is made of clear acrylic with charcoal color. It’s designed to obtain sophisticated look as targeting millennium customers and those who come for business trip. To achieve clean surface of the panel, the panel has implemented finger-joint system so that it can keep all the function hiding within 20-centimetre wide panel

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